About us

Artilux NMF Ltd. established in 2002, is a joint Lithuanian-Swedish venture producing small electrical appliances and lighting products. The incorporators of the company are Swedish company Artilux AB and Lithuanian company SC Neaustinių Medžiagų Fabrikas.

The aim of the company is to become versatile and competitive supplier of electrical appliances, lighting in chosen market segments by creating and implementing new methods of quality and production. The high quality of products is guaranteed by introduced and constantly developed system of production improvement based on TOC and LEAN production principles. Electrical products are certified by the Swedish Semko. Artilux NMF manufactures 6 millions of different products every year. Employers and managers of the company constantly improve the process of manufacturing and quality management system by applying “good practice” of most advanced companies and learning from their experience. Constant improvement and implementation of innovations allow the company to work not only efficiently, but also flexibly and using available resources.


Artilux is providing electronic panel assembly services. All our team are EPC certified and able to perform on high quality standards. As an electronics manufacturing services provider we are focusing on business sectors requiring high-reliability products, including electrical devices, led modules, security and scientific instrumentation. Covering conventional through-hole and surface-mount technologies, Artilux offers a wide range of stable assembly processes for all current component packages.

Technical capabilities:

  • Placement capacity (cph)- >0.5mln/day;
  • Accuracy of placing <40um (25-30um on request);
  • Interdistance between packages of Chips (1005, 0402…) ;
  • Tallest component placement capacity- 15mm (40mm on request) ;
  • Panel-pcb size – 80x80mm to 450x800mm;
  • Thickness of PCB from 0.4mm to 3.5mm;
  • Acceptable PCB Materials – Aluminum Core, FR4, Ceramic (Roger and etc.)


Artilux is engaged in assembly providing comprehensive solutions under one roof for serial production. We have over 30 years of assembly experience in electric devices, household and lighting.


  • Work – flow according LEAN production
  • TOC production setup and buffer management
  • Online production efficiency monitoring


  • 400 people in assembly
  • 10 double assembly lines with conveyor
  • 5 stationary assembly stations
  • 3 packing lines


  • 100% quality control of critical components / assembly points
  • Final inspection
  • Product specific testing equipment
  • Own TQM (ISO9001+ ISO14001 + specific customer requirements)